Trisha Sakhuja


Trisha Sakhuja, raised in Queens, New York is a senior at Stony Brook University, and will continue her studies by pursuing a Masters in Public Policy. She is a Political Science major, with a double minor in Journalism and Gender and Women Studies. After graduation, she aspires to go to law school, and hopes to work as lawyer in a media company.

It has been a growing passion to intertwine her Indian heritage into her American-way of life, and what better way to implement it than to write for vibrant South Asian women all over the nation. Growing up in India for the first five years of life and later moving to the states has instilled her with true ‘desi’ flavor, but it has also given her the power to mold herself into a strong and independent young South Asian American woman. She went from speaking English with a thick accent to conversing fluently; and then tracing back to her mother tongue roots in Hindi, but this time to perfect it. Her favorite past-times ranges from watching movies, listening to hip-hop music and shopping for shoes and makeup. Becoming an Indian classical dancer will always be a dream till she finds the time to pursue it seriously, but tapping to Bollywood beats comes natural.

Trisha has played an active role in the South Asian Student Alliance since her freshman year at SBU, and held the chair of vice presidency her junior year. They not only brought light to their culture, dance, movies, food, and charity organizations, but also collaborated with many other non-South Asian alliances on campus. She is also very proud to break cultural barriers to become the first Indian-Hindu sister of Sigma Delta Tau, a distinguished Jewish sorority, at the Beta Phi chapter.

In the future, Trisha sees herself backpacking amongst the valleys of India, exploring the hidden temples, and chanting to the Gods as the sun rises along the horizon. Her zeal for learning about her country will always be one of the reasons she will never stop striving to be a better writer and student.

As for now, she is living up her last year as an undergraduate with her good friends and family, studying for the LSATs, interning for the school newspaper, and most of all, thrilled to become the newest staff member of Brown Girl Magazine.

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