Manisha Gaekwad


Manisha Gaekwad is the co-founder of CFO of NDS USA Information Technology, MGM Hotels, LLC, NDS Global and DG Hospitality, all based in Ocala, Florida. A serial entrepreneur, she has cofounded, along with her husband, Danny Gaekwad, dozens of businesses in multiple fields.

Born in Gujarat, India, Manisha came to the United States in the 1980s.  Her entry into business was through convenience stores. Over a eight-year period, she and her husband built and sold a 26 convenience stores across Florida.

In the next two decades, they launched more than a dozen ventures in real estate, hospitality industry, banking, and information technology. Today, the combined value of those ventures is several hundred million dollars.

The properties her family owns include premium brand hotels such as Intercontinental Hotel Group, Carlson Hotel Group and Hilton Hotel Worldwide; and apartments, residential lots, golf course lots, restaurants, camp grounds, car washes and commercial retail sites across Florida.

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