Leena Pishe Thomas


Leena has almost two decades of experience in the field of International Business, Technology and Project Management in the Climate Change Mitigation, Energy, Environment, Transport, Biotech and ICT sectors working with various US, European and Indian organizations.

Leena established Global Business Inroads (GBI) in September 2009 to assist and serve Government, NGOs, Financial Institutions, and Private Sector organizations with their technology, sustainable energy, environment project development, market access and international business needs. Leena’s unique approach to developmental sector consulting, business strategy, technology and innovation management across borders, combined with business model and financing strategies have focused on tech deployment and ecosystem development. GBI has worked with 100+ technologies – managing their commercialization into India and helping Indian start-ups access US and EU markets. In June 2017, GBI launched the www.globaltechinterface.com online platform – a global market place for technology showcase and collaboration. This innovation platform supports start-ups and technology companies connect with technology scouters globally.

GBI has been appointed as:

  1. India representative of the European Business & Innovation Network (EBN), Brussels
  2. Global Ambassador – India, of the International Business Innovators Association (InBIA), USA
  3. India coordinator for USMAC, Silicon Valley, USA
  4. India coordinator for VelocityTX, San Antonio, Texas
  5. India coordinator for StartupOle, Europe
  6. India expert by Swissnex to mentor their start-ups
  7. India Cluster Partner of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association(GCCA), USA
  8. Global Coordinator of the Global Lifescience Development Corporation’s International Cluster of Cluster Program for biotech innovation

Leena was selected by the US State Department in April 2011 for the US Government’s International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) as a leader in the Clean Energy and Climate Change category and between 2010 – 2014 appointed by the EU Commission to strategise and develop a program focused to transferring EU clean technologies into the Indian market.  Leena was presented the Award for Woman Achiever of the Year 2015 by ISBR, Bangalore. Ms. Thomas has completed her business management from ICFAI, Hyderabad, has successfully completed the Certified Energy Manager’s Course from Atlanta, USA, graduated from Lady Shriram College, Delhi.

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