Jithin VG


Jithin is the CEO and Cofounder of Accubits Technologies, a technology company that focuses  on AI and Blockchain. It is one of the world leaders in Blockchain and  ICO technology with operations in Middle East, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and USA. Accubits had the distinction of being featured in the Inc42’s Startup Watchlist as one of the top 13 Blockchain companies to watchout for the in 2018 thanks to its futuristic products. Some of the company’s most notable clients are NASA, USPS, Landmark group and Dubai Smart Government.

An enterprising businessperson, Jithin is a seed stage investor with more than 8 companies in his portfolio so far with a focus on B2B AI and Blockchain products. In addition to that, he has also founded Accubits Invent, which is a first- of -its- kind AI and Blockchain research lab based in Trivandrum. Currently, he invests through Accubits Invent and few other NY & Singapore based blockchain focused funds. He is also a core member of an international Blockchain consulting group headquartered in DE.

Additionally, he is also a core member of an International Blockchain Consulting Group based out of DE.

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