Dr. Ram Reddy


Dr. Ram Reddy is CommuniClique’s big deal – big impact rainmaker. He’s initiated a number of the group’s largest customer and investor relationships. He’s been a key component to the company’s increase in customer base and revenue growth.

Dr. Reddy was the founder and CEO of APEX Technology Inc., a defense contractor, which specialized in compliance for military systems with the United States Army. The company partnered with Raytheon to fulfill a number of multimillion-dollar projects and in 2004 he successfully exited the company through a deal with its largest partner.

He’s a member of TIE (ww.tie.org) and an active participant in a number of other networking communities in and around the DC area and across the United States.

Dr Reddy graduated from Rutgers University with a PhD in Electrical Engineering and holds degrees from other internationally recognized universities including The Indian Institute of Technology.

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