Dr. Gajanan M. Sabnis


Dr. Sabnis has a combined teaching, industrial and research experience totaling to over five decades, most of it in the United States. He has over 20 years of rehabilitation experience with various types of concrete structures, technical and professional committees at national level and in construction management, and has played important and active part at national and local level in professional committees of ASCE, ACI, ASEE and PCI. He was elected Distinguished Member of ASCE, the highest honor Bestowed by the society.

At Howard University, He was a successful teacher, Researcher and a mentor to many of his students and has been well respected for his dedication to the profession. He carried out research in collaboration with other universities, such as Northwestern and Penn State University in material science in various aspects as related to the basic properties of concrete and transportation structures (recycled construction materials) for eight years. This activity resulted in several students pursuing their Ph.D. work at other universities. Dr. Sabnis had a consulting firm with offices in New York and Silver Spring, MD; it specialized in construction management, inspection of transit structures and maintenance of transportation structures.

Dr. Sabnis worked with Deloitte after retiring from Howard and spent two years between India and US to develop project management in India and in the UAE. Currently, he splits time between India and the US in advising on project financing and also related to infrastructure report card to promote the concept of structural health monitoring of bridges to lead to sustainable structures, based his long-term experience in the USA.

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