Angelina Klouthis


Angelina Klouthis is the executive director of VFF USA, where she guides strategic partnerships through her belief in harnessing the market’s power to drive philanthropy from “spare change to real change.” With over a decade of development experience, Angelina has worked directly with over 40 organizations in the use of social media as a fundraising tool, grant writing, performance measures, transparency, sustainability, and community organization. Throughout her career, she has managed programs on a governmental level with the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. State Department, the Colombian Ministry of Labor, and a diverse portfolio of private foundations and businesses. She has also designed and implemented training programs for grassroots organizations in Colombia, Niger, Haiti, Nicaragua, Cameroon, and most recently Maine, where she grew up. Before joining the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, Angelina served the Office of Multicultural Affairs in the Refugee Program for the State of Maine. She has a degree in international relations from Florida International University, and post-graduate specialization in organizations, social responsibility, and international development.

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