AB Startup Bazaar-Washington, DC


The Startup Bazaar-Washington, DC, will be held on July 23, 2016. The mission of the Startup Bazaar is to provide a platform for startup founders, early-stage entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs to listen to, and interact and network with men and women who have created
enormous wealth through entrepreneurship.

Speakers will include venture capitalists, fund managers, business stalwarts, CEOs, and executives from small, mid-sized, and large companies. The agenda will include the following:
1. Keynote
2. Panel: Raising capital in different stages
3. Panel: Finding right kind of incubators and accelerators for your startup
4. Workshop: Connecting with mentors (The American Bazaar will connect startups with potential mentors, who will spend at least a couple of hours a year with them.)
5. Panel: Startups of the Year — interviews with startup founders.
6. Workshop: A to Z of running a startup — from staffing to accounting
7. Workshop: Writing a business plan

Around 200 delegates are expected to attend the event at each venue.

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